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Business running by PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero) is :

Head Office

Jl. Perak Timur No. 610
Surabaya 60165 - Indonesia
Telp : +62 31 3298631-37
Fax : +62 31 3295204
Layanan Pelanggan : marketing@pelindo.co.id

Good Corporate Governance

The implementation of a Good Corporate Governance is our platform to form a system, a flexible and adaptive company structure and culture toward the constant change of competitive business environment, and to build an internal control system and reliable risk management.

The principles of a Good Corporate Governance that are in compliance with PER-01/MBU/2011 August 1, 2011 on the Implementation of a Good Corporate Governance at State-Owned Enterprises include:

  1. Transparency; the transparency in the process of decision making and in unveiling information about the company,
  2. Accountability; the clarity of functions, conduct and responsibility of the organization for a an effective company management,
  3. Responsibility; the suitability in company management with the applied constitutions and healthy corporate principles,
  4. Independency; is a situation where the company is managed professionally without conflict of interests and influences from any parties that’s not in accordance with the constitution and healthy corporate principles,
  5. Fairness; justice and equality in our efforts to fulfill the stakeholder rights that’s in accordance with the agreement and constitution.

The implementation of a Good Corporate Governance is believed to help us to strengthen the company’s position continuously, manage the resources and risks efficiently and effectively, and to increase the corporate value and investor trust.

Pelindo III is committed to implement and guard the practices of a Good Corporate Governance with a high quality and standard. The implementation of GCG at Pelindo III aims to make GCG as a part of our company’s culture that’s supported by the corporate values of Pelindo III.

To achieve above targets, it takes a strong commitment to implement a Good Corporate Governance in all parts and structure of the organization with a good direction, and measurable so that it can consistently take place in compliance with the best practices of a Good Corporate Governance.

Since 2011, Pelindo III has updated several internal regulations as an implementation of a Good Corporate Governance, applied constitution, cultural values, visions & missions, and the best practices of a Good Corporate Governance, including:

  1. Board Manual (download)
  2. Code of Corporate Governance (download)
  3. Reference of Risk Based Audit (download)
  4. Reference of Risk Manajemen (download)
  5. Reference of Internal Control System (download)
  6. Reference for Gratification Control (download)
  7. Pact of Board of Commissioners and Directors Integrity which shows that there is no conflict of interests (download)
  8. Whistleblowing System (download)
  9. Reference of Information Technology (download)
  10. Code of Counduct (download)